Fairyloot Collectors Edition: The Finale Box! *spoilers*

I was sat on tenterhooks waiting for this to arrive…..


And there was so much and all of it is such great quality!

Fairyloot: Finale Collectors Edition

  • Fates Playing Card deck with artwork by @lexaarts and @noverantale.
  • Magical pin set by @dustandpages and @iceydesigns
  • Legend figurine designed by @noverantale – OMG! I love this! Now the quandary of do I take it out the box or not?????
  • Caraval Sisters Mug designed by @sallteas with lettering by @catarinabookdesigns
  • Midnight Maze Candle hand poured by @bookishburns….smells delish and is so glittery. I almost dont want to burn it!
  • Playing card necklace – so cute!
  • Magnetic bookmark set by @idlestuff – Legend, Julian, Jack’s, Tella and Scarlett and were hand wrapped in recycled paper. Love them!

  • Legend Book Sleeve with artwork from Taratjah – so big, such fabulous quality, so soft and will protect my copy so well!
  • Character prints painted by @niru.sky
  • Square art print with the Caraval quartet designed by @morgana0anagrom
  • Bookmarks featuring art by @arz28

Caraval Blanket designed by @monolimeart

Omg. So soft. So pretty. So big. Me and this blanket have a date when the weather gets colder!

Exclusive edition of Finale

  • Dark grey cover ✔
  • Stencil sprayed edges ✔
  • Rose gold foiling ✔
  • Matching cover under dust jacket ✔
  • Signed by the author ✔
  • Exclusive deleted scene ✔

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