Do you believe in ‘the need to read’?!

Do you believe in ‘the need to read’?

Do you find the need to read comes at the most inopportune times?

No, this isn’t a commercial! But read on!

I find that I suffer with the need to read often!

  • I’m waiting for my son to get ready to go shopping. I flick open my book and I’m a chapter in and I have to close it. But I don’t want to!
  • Its past 12 at night and I have to go to work the next day. And I have to force myself to close my book to sleep….
  • I’m at my sons swimming lesson and promise myself I’ll talk to the other mums to not appear rude…..but the need to read is strong (sometimes stronger!)
  • Sat in work and all of a sudden the pull of my book is too much to bear….but I have to squash it down as I have work to do (and the fact they pay me to actually work and not read!!)
  • I get up and have to get ready for work….but the need to read makes me read 1 chapter….that turns into 4 and I have to rush around to get ready!

Is this an affliction all bookworms suffer with?

Let me know your situations in comments!

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