My Weekly Epilogue…..

Welcome to The Weekly Epilogue!

Hope you all had a good week?

Well I was glutened….and for a celiac that is bad news! I ate out and was assured it was celiac friendly. Oh how they lied! The muscle and joint aches were just unreal!

In happier news, my son had Egyptian day in school so we had to hurriedly find him something to wear…..Amazon Prime was my friend!

Also happier news, I read a fabulous book this week, like utterly beautiful, blow your mind fabulous!


My favourite post from the blogosphere this week:

Laugh along with Drew’s post on how to get arcs! I am favouring the time machine!


Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan – you can see my review here.

A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer – I joined in with the Fairyloot readalong (although in some places I did have to read on!!!) This book was so good. Epic even! I fell in love with Harper and Rhen. See my gushing review here.

Fallen Princess by Chantal Fernando

I have 2 more arcs to read in March. Cross fingers I can do this (I have no hope!!!)

Knights Lady by Bella Jewel

Meet Cute by Helena Hunting



How was your reading week?

What books did you read?

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