Fairyloot Unboxing: December……Dragons!

Fairyloot December box

Theme = Dragons

I was so excited as I love dragons and I couldn’t be happier with this box! There is an item missing (Mother of Dragons magnetic bookmarks) but Fairyloot have said it will follow soon.

Reading Journal – oh yes, love, love this! It’s so pretty and I will defo use! Designed by FictionTea and features artwork by Blanca Montiel.

Pin Flag – another great item. I can add all my pins and badges to this!

Glow in the dark Dragon necklace – it’s actual wings glow in the dark!!! I doubt I’ll ever wear it but it’s so pretty!

Book sleeve – yes, yes, 100 times yes! Designed by Sweet Sequels and inspired by Harry Potter.

Double sided Dragon print – Toothless on 1 side and Abraxos on another! Omg I love, love love! Artwork by Diana Worak.

An arc, yes an arc! Storm Crows by Kalyn Josephine. It’s not out until July 2019 so it’s super advanced! Can’t wait to dive in!

Fire and Heist by Sarah Beth Durst and it’s signed! I have actually read this already but nice to have a physical copy.

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