My 1st Illumicrate Unboxing!

I wanted to try out a few book boxes to see if I want to subscribe to any others in 2019.

I saw it was Illumicrate’s 3rd year anniversary box so I expected great things! I looked at their past boxes and they were fab.

Theme = Clever Ruse

  • Circus Banner inspired by The Night Circus and Caraval. These aren’t really my thing but my son had it!
  • Stag Amulet Necklace designed by Fable and Black Not sure I’ll ever wear it but it’s pretty.
  • Diner drink cosy to keep your drink warm, designed by @gicatam I might take this to work but not sure I will use it often.
  • Mulan inspired scarf with artwork from Feifei Ruan I don’t wear scarfs but will give to my Mum!
  • Warcross Woodmark with artwork by @chattynora Love this and I love Warcross so will defo use this.

Empress of all Seasons by Emiko Jean

Hardback ✔

Exclusive cover ✔

Sprayed edges ✔

Signed bookplate ✔

And a surprise book of Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

So all in all, not great for me apart from the books. I need to have a serious think after Christmas as the past boxes looked so good.

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