Remember November Reading Challenge!

Grazing through posts and I read this, it really made me think…….

‘Remember all those challenges you started throughout the year?
Those lists of books you were going to read, prompts you were going to tick off, goals you were going to reach?’
Well Kathy at Books and Munchies is right. It’s nearly the end of the year. Am I going to meet what I set myself?
Remember November – to remembering and catching up on all those challenges, goals and reading lists! Time to take matters into our own hands again!
◊ Post a blogpost saying you’ll be joining me trying to reach all those goals and challenges we committed ourselves to throughout the year.

◊ Share your list of challenges, goals and whatnot and state what you’re going to try and reach / tick off during this month’s read-a-thon.

I didn’t really do lots of year long challenges but I did do the Goodreads Challenge and Beat the Blacklist.

I’m not too worried about my Goodreads, I’ve upped my total twice now so it will be what it is at the end of the year.

Beat the Backlist – I set myself a goal of 48 books and I’ve done pretty well by already reading 45. I am so close so this is just what I need to get my bum in gear!
The 3 books are The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer so I dedicate my November to them!

Are you joining in?

Are you close with your goals?

18 thoughts on “Remember November Reading Challenge!

  1. Oh I have the lunar Chronicles, but I am told to stop reading for a few days till my health is okay. So reading posts is all I can do sometimes. But I will check your posts out on the bookd

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  2. Oh My god!! I cannot do this challenge.. it would be an epic failure… I’m a lot of books behind on my goodreads.. and on my A to Z reading challenge i still have 3 letters to fill and to be honest I don’t think I’m going to finish it… as for all the books and series I wanted to catch up on… It’s still a work in progress… But I do wish you good luck with this

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  3. Hope you love The Lunar Chronicles! Although.. I’m wishing those books loads of luck to live up to the Kingdom of Ash book hangover, hahaha. I totally feel you on that one. I’ve been cruising through my reads in a.. half-blind way because I can’t entirely focus on them? I’m still way too hung-up on KoA, I guess. :’)

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