Review: Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox


Continuing my spooky reads and reviews we have The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox.

This was a complete bargain. I got the ebook for 99p, what a steal! And I loved it, but I was a bit scared! Read my review to see why!!!


So I don’t read scary books, I’m a scardey-cat by heart, but this book called to me in all it’s 1800’s charm…and it is Halloween soon!

I read with bated breath waiting to find out what the scandal was (and it was a jaw dropper!), if there would be another scandal (I clearly like the oldey world drama!), who would be the witch and who would get the man.

Then I read this, at 11pm and nearly soiled my undies (remember scardey-cat!) ‘You attract them. Some mean you harm. Prepare for what lies ahead.’ OMG! Too much for my innocent brain!!!!!

I cannot believe this is the authors debut novel, it’s a corker. I was hanging off every word (even though I was worrying if I would sleep and I did have some funny dreams about my 8 year old loosing my bus pass, that I don’t even own, and having to get off the bus and walk home!)

But seriously people, this is a fabulous read, especially around Halloween!

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