Review: Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand


The start of my spooky reads!!!!

I heard so much about this book that I wanted to love it. I liked it, but didn’t love it though…….

You’ll have to excuse my posts over the next few weeks, my laptop died so am trying to post from my phone…and it’s just not the same!!!



And this is how it started. *hides under duvet a bit*

I read the first few chapters and was asking myself what the heck was going on? There was weirdness at work….and I couldn’t wait for it to unravel!
I think this was meant to be horror but it didnt feel like that to me. It was dark, it was odd and it was weird and that, I loved!
There were parts from The Rocks mind (read and you’ll see!) It really added to it! I liked the girls of the story, so much empowerment and they were on point.
Saying all this I wasn’t totally immersed, I just feel it lost some of the early the magic that held me. And I’m terrified of moths. I know thats just totally my fear though!

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