Review: Beneath The Haunting Sea by Joanna Ruth Meyer


Oh wow, you know when you kick yourself from not reading a book you own sooner? Well this happened to me with this book!

I’m sure many of you have read as I am always late to the party (blame my huge tbr, not me!) so I wont add on the blurb but if you do want to read it then click here.

Here is my 5 star review!!!

I haven’t been this enthralled in a book for a while! Mystery and legend. Fave!

This was a holiday read and I had to grab chapters here and there, which saddened me as I wanted to gulp it all up at once! I found myself waking up before my family to snatch a few chapters!

It was just utterly beautiful and breath taking although I must admit the romance did irk me. A love square. <—- is that even a thing? A square? It is now! But in the end I loved them all!

The mystery of the story gripped me. It was so amazing. The questions and the ‘Oh July god I can’t wait to read more’ is the mark of a fab book for me.

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