CJR The Brit Review: Knuckle Down by Chantal Fernando


So this author is one of my faves, Dragons Lair is up there in my all time favourite reads EVER!

Book 1 in this series, Ace of Hearts didn’t quite hit the spot with me but because I love this author I raced to get book 2 and it totally hit the spot!

If you like an MC Romance you should totally check this author out (start with Dragons Lair!)

You can read the blurb (and purchase!) by clicking on the cover:

Here is my review:

Let’s break it down….

Celina: journo, Erins cousin and likes to spew in churches!

Knuckles: Sergeant at arms in Cursed Ravens MC.

Umm….hold up. MC man and a journo together? Oh there’s going to be fireworks!

We met Knuckles in Ace of Hearts, newly appointed bestie of Erin and single Dad. He stole the show for me, the way he loves his daughters and the way he set his sights on Celina and went for her! But he find that Celina is a tough cookie to crack!

Then cue the action……

This is a 2nd chance romance with drama everywhere but it was also very, very sweet in places and steamier in others and the ending was perfection!

I hear that Rogue is next. And I need him. So need him!

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