Mini Reviews: The Benedetti Brothers by Natasha Knight

I was recommended this series by a book friend….so I bought them and they are also on my Beat the Backlist Challenge for this year……I can honestly say these books were like chalk and cheese!

Salvatore was really a wet blanket with a small mean streak and Dominic was EVERYTHING!  But I am stopping reading the series here….nothing can top Dominic for me!

Anyhoo…you can find the blurbs if you click on the covers and my reviews follow!


This series was recommended by a book friend cause I love the dark mafia reads! So what’s a girl to do, she gets the whole series!

Lucia did irk me for most of the book, her teenage attitude and spoutings were annoying!

I can’t really say that I drooled over Salvatore either, he didn’t strike me as a mafia man. Like at all. I was thinking maybe there just wasn’t enough mafia in it for me (and there was an uncomfortable bit, it was degrading and unnecessary)…….

And after all this I still read on. I had to!

But then at 43% it got interesting for me!

Dominic. Now he intrigued me. Dark, vicious and wrong…..then I wondered what that said about me!!!



This was who I was looking forward to…..


And this was a dark, gritty mafia!

And I loved it!

Dominic fled and now he is totally lost. Lost to himself and others. But meeting Gia changes that.

I loved the fact there was some basic human still left in him! I loved that she was his redemption (well in my eyes!!) and I loved that Gia was the light to his darkness.

‘Dominic was my beast. And somehow, I was his princess.’

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