Review: Wildcard by Marie Lu


I absolutely LOVED Warcross so was desperate to find out what happened next and how it all ended.

I think when I finished that I realized that Warcross was my favourite out of the duet but still agree that this is a must read.  Does anyone else agree?



4 ‘every problem has a solution’ stars!

I thought I’d write some bits as I went along…..

I’m 47% in and my mouth is agape. Never in a million years did I think this was all going to happen!

So far the story line has taken a different tack for Em…..she is now the follower and not the leader. It was an interesting change, and I like it!

My allegiances have been flying backwards and towards I must admit!

And Hideo, I love a bit of romance and this line really stuck with me
‘For a girl that you claim you don’t care about, that little wild card sure has a grip on you.’

60% if my mouth could hang open more I’d be surprised. Plus my eyes are popping out my head!

Oh jeez that last 20% was action packed. I couldn’t get enough!

So to sum up, action packed, some shockers and a great read!

And a sidenote. I love Jax.


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