CJR The Brit Review: Legendary by Stephanie Garber


Oh what a magical read!

I absolutely loved Caraval so to get this was a no brainer – in fact I got the e-book and also ordered a signed paperback which has pride of place on my shelf!

Want to know what I thought?  Here is my review:


Caraval was a fantastic read for me and now Legendary. It was absolute perfection.

‘A heart to protect. A debt to repay. A game to win.’

I can’t even properly form the words to describe it!

At 30% I think I had guessed who Legend actually might be.

Then I decided I was wrong.

Then I decided I may have been right originally.

Or was I?

Then I questioned everything, myself, my life, the universe.

I simply loved Tella. I wasn’t sure about her in Caraval but she just exploded into my life in this book and I adored her. ‘Unfortunately Tella wasn’t the sort of girl people saved— she was the one they left behind.’

This story was just magical. I don’t really want to say anymore as I wouldn’t want to ruin this spectacular read for anyone, but if you loved Caraval and it’s twists, turns and general magical-ness, then you need to read this.

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