Series Review: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead


(Firstly let me apologise for the above graphic – I know its bad but we have had some internet issues and had to grab the time given!!)


Well, well, well, what a gem this was!ย  I had this series on my tbr for a while, I was gettingย a book every now and then and promising myself I would read…..and then never got round to it!

I added this series to my Beat The Backlist Challenge and then devoured it in a month (along with arc reads I had commitments on!)

I was so glued to this story!ย I fell in love with Dimitri. Head over heels. Also with Christian and Adrian (although he was a bit creepy at times!) Loved Lissa but did find Rose a bit annoying at times, her decision making process needs work!!

So now I am left feeling bereft. I have finished the series and I want to unread and read it all again for the first time!

Have you read Vampire Academy?

What were your thoughts?


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18 thoughts on “Series Review: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

  1. By far one of my all time fav series. I have read this more than I have Harry Potter. And bloodlines loved just as much. And my only book tattoo current is all the marks you learned thru the series minus the golden lily.

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  2. One of my favorite YA series still til this day. Dimitri is so dreamy!!! I would also suggest reading Bloodlines for Sydney and Adrian. I still preferred VA over Bloodlines but it was none the less still a good read. You may like the House of Night books by PC Cast if you haven’t read those yet. They’re a bit similar to these. Happy reading!

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