Monthly Mini Reviews!


I got to thinking that I don’t really post all my reviews here and as I want this to be fully comprehensive to my reading, I thought I would start a new feature…..MONTHLY MINI REVIEWS!

So to start, here are my mini review for June!


Title: Stalked

Author: Jamie Begley



This is one of my favourite MC series ever, well The Last Riders, and this links in with the series.  Here is my review:

I was so excited! A surprise Predators release!

I love anything Jamie Begley and this was no exception!

Zoey, I could have cried for her. The letters broke my heart. But Zoey was like a breath of fresh air.

Stump, crass, abrupt and really the complete opposite of Zoey. But this made me fall in love with him: ‘It was as if he were staring into the window of Zoey’s soul, witnessing such incredible beauty that you wanted to reach through the window, catch the vision behind it, and never let it go.’

I am so addicted to this series!


Title: Birthday Girl

Author: Penelope Douglas



I saw this round the romance blogesphere and I do like a bit of taboo so dived in!

So here my thoughts:

Jordan is an old soul at heart and I think thats why her and Pike gel, well that and the sex he plys her with!

Pike has all the experience of an older man as he is older but damn that man is hot!

Cole is a complete douche who just clings on to Jordan to make his life easier.

I didn’t find this icky in the slightest, I know some people don’t like the thought of older man/younger girl but it really isn’t written in an ick way!


So that concludes my mini reviews for June!

Have you read any of these 2?

What were your thoughts?