Happy Birthday Harry!

I know there has been contraversary about this authors very wrong views lately and please know I totally disagree with her.

I love this series, it has bought me so much joy over the years and I can’t let it go. I saw that someone said you can separate author from work so this is what I decided to do.

I couldn’t let this day pass without wishing Harry a Happy Birthday.

Of course to celebrate you could do a reread:

You could also find your house (Ravenclaw here!):


If you want to splash out you can buy tons of stuff on Etsy and support local sellers.

I ordered this for my son from WeLove3D on Etsy:

PS, this isn’t my sons name!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Harry!

  1. Yeah, I see lots of tweets about judging an author on their work rather than their private lives. Then the next minute slating authors for what they say in their private lives. It just goes to prove, Caro, that you should just follow your own heart and conscience. πŸ˜‰ I agree, the HP books have opened a whole new world of reading to a generation. That should be celebrated.
    Hope your son loves his wooden carved name. x

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      1. I do the same thing for family presents. I’ve got a “secret box” in my bedroom where I keep the things I buy. The box isn’t secret any longer but the girls aren’t interested in sneaking in and looking anymore. Lol!

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      2. Mine isn’t as big this year because I havent been to that many shops but my som wants a pc for his birthday/Christmas so he won’t be getting much else!!!


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