Introducing: Tuesday to Thursday TBR

I read 12 books in May and I was really happy with that. But when I looked only 2 were from my huge tbr and that got rid of a bit of my joy!

My TBR is over 100 books, probably closer to 150, and these are books I bought as I wanted to read…..and I haven’t read them! Crazy!

So Tuesday to Thursday TBR popped in my head.

On a Tuesday to Thursday each week I am only going to read a book from my tbr. With smaller books I’ll be able to finish but with a bigger book I’ll have to carry it over to the next week (let’s hope that works!!!)

Has anyone done anything that’s worked to read their tbr?

10 thoughts on “Introducing: Tuesday to Thursday TBR

  1. This seems a great idea! Good like with it!
    For a time I have tried with bingos and a board game sort of thing, but I keep them going for a couple of months and then… I am back to the starting point!

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