Am I just a weirdo…..?!!

Does anyone else get excited when they see this?

I must admit that normally I don’t but this year I totally did!

I read somewhere that the coronavirus has given us back certain things. Re-connecting with family, not feeling normal day to day pressures, having more empathy and just enjoying stuff like sitting in the garden listening to the birds.

When I got this notification this year I had a feeling of Spring. Like a sense of renewal, does that make sense? It spurred me on to write down some ideas for blog posts, think of some ideas for photos for post headers and actually got me excited about reading, a feeling I’ve been lacking lately!

Yes, its money out my bank account but it just feels totally freeing knowing I have somewhere to express my love of books and also made me more grateful for the book community.

I’ve just realised this is a bit of a ramble….but something I needed to get out!

Anyone else feel like this or am I just a weirdo?!

6 thoughts on “Am I just a weirdo…..?!!

  1. I do feel like this time is perfect for getting back into blogging – there is more time for reading too πŸ˜€

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