I don’t like Monday’s….but books always help!


I’m always up for a bit of forward planning, especially when it comes to books so I thought to brighten up Mondays I’d tell you about some books I am looking forward to in 2020!!

I know the book world was split over The Hazel Wood, some loved it and some hated it but I was in the ‘love’ camp so I want need this book! Am hoping it lives up to what I want it to be!

Title: The Night Country

Series: The Hazel Wood #2

Author: Melissa Albert

Release date: 7 January 2020

(Well what we have so far!)

Can you ever truly escape the Hazel Wood?

In the sequel to her New York Times bestselling, literary/commercial breakout, The Hazel Wood, Melissa Albert dives back into the menacing, mesmerizing world that captivated readers of the first book. Follow Alice Proserpine and Ellery Finch as they come to learn that The Hazel Wood was just the beginning of worlds beyond, “a place where stories and real life convene, where magic contains truth, and the world as it appears false, and where just about anything can happen, particularly in the pages of a good book” (The New York Times).


Are you looking forward to this?

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