Saturday Shelfie!

My Guilty Pleasures Shelf!!!

Yes I have a guilty pleasures shelf!

But look how lovely they look!

And look at Ariel up there all comfy sat on Edward Cullen!


This is going to be quite a short post and I am sure some of you will roll your eyes about the fact I have the Fifty Shades of Grey and the Twilight series displayed but…….

When these 2 series came out years ago, I absolutely loved them!  In a way they sort of saved my sanity.  It was a shit time for me at that point.

I think displaying these books are a reminder to me of the feeling I had when I grabbed back that love of reading, I needed something and these series gave me that bit if escapism.  Sometimes I look at them displayed and remember the absolutely heart warming feeling of the love of the written word.

Saying that I’m not sure if I could say the same thing now if I did a reread now…but who knows, one day!!


Do you display any books that mean something to you?

11 thoughts on “Saturday Shelfie!

  1. I have both of these on my bookcase on display. Like you I read twilight way before it was on film, and it became my first love into fantasy, I was so engrossed.
    Fifty shades was another I read before the film was thought of, again it was the first series in that genre I had read, and then it grew my love for a variety of books. They will always hold memories for me xx

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