Review Regurge: Playing with Monsters by Amelia Hutchins..


I’m at it again with the most vile title in the world!!!

Anyhoo….Amelia Hutchins is an author I love, she can do no wrong in my eyes and I have read her Fae Chronicles series about 6 times!

This series is a spin off but also interlinks…..Playing with Monsters is book 1, Sleeping with Monsters is book 2…..currently awaiting book 3!  It features one of my favourite ever male leads…Lucian. He is dark and delish!

You can see my original post here.

I know the warning about the hero says that you might not love him….but I did…what does that say about me??!  #evil!!!!

We met Lucian in the Fae Chronicles and we knew sort of what he is up to…..and this book reveals more…and all hell kicks off, literally!

Poor Mags…she didn’t have a (sexual!!) chance against sexy as sin Lucian….he has her in his sights and he always gets what he wants….even if he is slightly confused why he is doing it.. .or is he?

And then…at 92% my world came crashing down…..I was like no please, please, please, please no! I actually felt the pain from Lucian.

‘With everything going wrong, she was my right. She was the softness to all of my hard edges’

No, no, nooooooo…….I’m feeling a lot of hate right now and my pain is going to be strung out till the next book comes out. I’m off to scour FB to find when that is….

Another hit! But I’m angry!

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