Maybe I need a new title…..Review Regurge!

It’s that time of the year to look back and reflect on what’s happened in the year…and I want to do mine on my books I’ve read and loved.

I’ve decided to call it……Review Regurge <— is that a bit gross?! Maybe Reflect would gave been better, oh well!!!

Anyway, name aside, here is my first regurge (!!!)

This was a book I read in March and was captivated. I really can’t wait for more by this author and I hear she has a book coming in February called Warrior of the Wild. I’ll defo be getting that!

Sky in the Deep by Tricia Levenseller (see my orginal post here)

My Review

Vegr yfir fjor. Honor above life.’

Eelyn is an Aska warrior, every bit a tough viking woman, strong, fearless but in battle she sees her brother, Iri, who she thought to be dead. From that moment she is pulled into the Riki way of life. But Eelyn has much more to fear than the Riki.

The picture this book painted of the viking world made me feel if I was there (mind you I don’t think I could handle seeing an animal sacrifice for real!)

The writing was sublime and the story, oh the story, I read this book slowly, savouring every word. How it focused on their world and family values, it won a place in my heart and it certainly pulled all the feels out of me!

In short, I loved every bit about it!

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