My first ever Six for Sunday!

Another meme! Yes it’s true!!!!

Six for Sunday is the brainchild of Steph at A Little But A Lot and this week’s prompt is:

Authors I’d Like to see Collaborate

I’ve got a mix of YA/NA fantasy authors and romance authors (mostly dark cause that’s how I like it!!!) to mix it up!

πŸ“š Kristen Ashley and Sarah J Maas

Just thinking of a fantasy they could write together makes my toes tingle!

πŸ“š Amelia Hutchins and Amo Jones

The darkness all rolled up into 1 book. The mind boggles!

πŸ“š Cora Brent and Joanna Ruth Meyer

I can just imagine the beautifulness now…..makes me gaze onto the horizon and sigh!

πŸ“š Marie Lu and Anne Malcom

Both brilliant. Both insanely talented. Would make my year!

πŸ“š Holly Black and Tillie Cole

Omg yes. I even shrieked with joy when I thought of this!

πŸ“š Stephanie Garber and Cora Carmack

Yes! Yes! 100 times yes!

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