My first ever Six for Sunday!

Another meme! Yes it’s true!!!!

Six for Sunday is the brainchild of Steph at A Little But A Lot and this week’s prompt is:

Authors I’d Like to see Collaborate

I’ve got a mix of YA/NA fantasy authors and romance authors (mostly dark cause that’s how I like it!!!) to mix it up!

📚 Kristen Ashley and Sarah J Maas

Just thinking of a fantasy they could write together makes my toes tingle!

📚 Amelia Hutchins and Amo Jones

The darkness all rolled up into 1 book. The mind boggles!

📚 Cora Brent and Joanna Ruth Meyer

I can just imagine the beautifulness now…..makes me gaze onto the horizon and sigh!

📚 Marie Lu and Anne Malcom

Both brilliant. Both insanely talented. Would make my year!

📚 Holly Black and Tillie Cole

Omg yes. I even shrieked with joy when I thought of this!

📚 Stephanie Garber and Cora Carmack

Yes! Yes! 100 times yes!

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