Books and a Beverage – Hocus Pocus style!!!


Closer and closer to Halloween we get so I’ve cracked out all my spooky stuff!

We have the house decorated for Halloween (well my son does, and has gone totally overboard!) so it seemed the perfect time to use my candle and read Hocus Pocus (and of course we will be watching the film a few times!!!)


When I saw this book was being released back in the summer I grabbed it as this film is my favourite, and to hear of a sequel made me shriek (like a ghoul!) with joy!

I have my candle to burn whilst reading, it smells delish and is by Hidden Gem (you can find her on Etsy).

My beverage of choice is just orange squash (it is the middle of the day!) but my son did moan that I was using his glass!

What are you reading to get you in the mood for Halloween?



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