I just couldn’t resist….

You know when you have been coveting something but just cannot justify the cost?

I’ve just been there.

And I caved!

And you justify in it in your head somehow?


Happy Christmas to me!

The shipping alone made me cry but I need, yes need, that book and plushie!

πŸ‘‘ Signed bookplates by Holly Black,

πŸ‘‘ A FAE PRINCE inspired plushie.

πŸ‘‘ Special designed box with artwork by @stellabookishart

πŸ‘‘ a SET of decorative book jackets designed by @gabriella.bujdoso . The set of 2 will cover both The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King!

πŸ‘‘ A percentage of proceeds will go to a soon to be announced charity!

πŸ‘‘ We have many more items and they are super special and never before included so you will NOT be disappointed.

I mean how could I not?

I’m off to go and make my shopping list for the next month of just rice and noodles……

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