My book muck up, just me??!

(This is me, a lot!)

I feel like such an idiot!

So, probably about 10 months ago I bought Cinder by Marissa Meyer from Amazon in ebook format. I’d had a giftcard and was all excited and bought all the books!

I hadn’t read, until now.

I picked up my kindle, opened it and the Amazon prompt said it had 38 pages. I was like whaaaaaat?

Must be a mistake.

So I carried on.

Then I was greeted by the sight of a lot of foreign words that I didn’t understand.

I sat in a state of confusion for a couple of minutes.

I flipped to the front.

I’d bought the DUTCH EDITION!!!!

How did I not notice this? It plainly says Dutch edition in the description!

I put it down to a busy, hectic life and not anything to do with my sanity!

Have you ever done this?!!!

Please let it not just be me!!!

17 thoughts on “My book muck up, just me??!

  1. I haven’t done this exactly, but I have downloaded versions of books not in English from the library before. Maybe you can return it for the English version? I would ask customer service. It probably happens all of the time!

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  2. ha! I’ve not bought versions in an unexpected language, but i have often times purchased a book I already owned. Either because I wasn’t sure if I had it already, or I flat out forgot that I had previously purchased it.

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  3. 😂 That is hilarious and while I have never bought a book in the wrong language I have accidentally bought books I already own that I want to read and I have bought the wrong versions of books before!!!

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    1. 😂😂 another thing I seem to do is buy a book that my friends are talking about and realise I have no idea what is going on……then find it’s book 2 or 3 in a series!!!!

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  4. hahahah! It may be the universe giving you a sign that you should learn dutch 😛 It has never happened to me BUT I just bought a book that says “Illuminated Letters, ornaments for Xmas” and I thought it was an educational book on how to draw illuminated letters with “ornamentation” for Xmas… turned out it as a book with cardboard pages, and you could “pop out” from it ornaments to hang on your tree *facepalm*

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