Monthly Mini Review… me!


I did this type of post the last couple of months and I really enjoyed it, but now I am wondering whether to carry on.Β  It’s a great way to showcase reviews so I will ponder on this a bit more!

Anyway, 2 monthly mini reviews for you today……

Guilty as Sin (Sin #2)Β by Meghan March



I won this trilogy in a comp from a PR company and I was so glad I did, it is superb!

My review:

We left Lincoln and Whitney when a bombshell dropped and all hell breaks loose in true soap opera style!

But Whit is bringing it, finding herself, her self worth and it made me so proud. I’m like a mother hen! ‘I’ve let people hurt me too many times. For years, I thought that’s all I deserved. But you know what? I was wrong. I deserve a hell of a lot better.’

I found myself whizzing through this, I hung on every word needing to know what happens next! It has that dramatic flair that excites and grips you, more secrets are revealed and the ending will make you gasp!

There is just 1 thing I cant get past with this book. A spinach and ham omelette for brekkie? No no no. Is that a thing? The thought of eating spinach for brekkie makes my mouth go dry!!!!!!


Reconstruct Me (Breakneck #5) by Crystal Spears



This author disappeared for a while but now she is back with more Breakneck!

My review:

And she is back.

And what an entrance!

If you love the Breakneck series you won’t be disappointed in this. We have the same dark, gritty MC we know and love from this author and personally, I can’t wait for more!


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