I’m on tour….for a book! Dirty Headlines by LJ Shen….


Title: Dirty Headlines

Author: LJ Shen

Purchase: https://amzn.to/2wLg9k

Add to Goodreads: https://bit.ly/2GuCKIB





Célian Laurent.

Manhattan royalty.

Notorious playboy.

Heir to a media empire.

…And my new boss.

I could have impressed him, if not for last month’s unforgettable one-night stand.

I left it with more than orgasms and a pleasant memory—namely, his wallet.

Now he’s staring me down like I’m the dirt under his Italian loafers, and I’m supposed to take it.

But the thing about being Judith “Jude” Humphry is I have nothing to lose.

Brooklyn girl.

Infamously quirky.

Heir to a stack of medical bills and a tattered couch.

When he looks at me from across the room, I see the glint in his eyes, and that makes us rivals.

He knows it.

So do I.

Every day in the newsroom is a battle.

Every night in his bed, war.

But it’s my heart at stake, and I fear I’ll be raising the white flag.



Can we just take a moment to celebrate how fantastic this author is……
People you are in for a treat with this book. I mean I love this authors work but this book knocks it out the park.

Celian is just amazing. He was cranky and the funniest guy (mostly internally) I have ever read! And not to mention hot
‘I was pretty sure I would come if he sneezed in my direction.’ !!!

This lust to love, omg I boinked my boss story was just everything. I had the biggest smile on my face throughout.


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