Where the blinkin heck has she been #noexcuses !!

You might have noticed I’ve been a bit absent, sporadic reading of posts, commenting and liking….well your right. I have been absent. (If you didn’t notice, that’s fine, we all have lives!!!)


Well apart from it was school holidays and I just don’t know where all the hours in the day went!

I did schedule some posts in so that was my saving grace……I didn’t even do a weekly round up this week! I feel so bad and oddly, guilty!!! But I still was reading (and in a panic about all those arcs I signed up for and all came at once!!)

However, I went back to work today and my son starts school again tomorrow…..and I feel a sense of normality is returning! I’ve never let school holidays get in my way before but such is life!


  • Gone will be the substandard, haphazardly put together posts.
  • Gone will be the not reading of your beautiful posts.
  • Gone will be the no commenting or liking!

I’m now back and feel present enough to be back in the real world!!

I look forward to reading your posts and having a chat!

Ps if anyone knows of any Autumn reading challenges, then hook a girl up!

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