Game on You Book Tag

I was tagged by Thrice Read to do this tag – thank you!  The tag was created by Rory at A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip


The Rules:

  • Thank the nominator.
  • Answer 16 of the 19 questions.
  • Replace the 3 that you didn’t answer.
  • Q20 & Q14 must always remain intact.


My Answers:

  1. Are you currently reading a book, if so what is it?.

I am currently reading Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas.


  1. Toast or cereal?

Toast and I cant stand milk!

  1. Choice weapon for survival during the zombie invasion?

A baseball bat?? Knock their heads off maybe?!!


  1. Horror or comedy films?

Comedy – I am a wuss!


  1. What helps get you through a reading slump?

Either binge watching a TV show or rereading an old favourite!


  1. What was your favourite sweet/candy as a kid?

Hmm… probably a Mars bar…..


  1. Going to the party or the library what’s your preference?

100% the library.


  1. What is your favourite tipple [drink]?

Rose wine


  1. Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry cake?

Chocolate all the way!


  1. If you could time travel anywhere, where would you go?

Back to the days of Queen Elizabeth 1st – she fascinates me and her ugly temper would probably make me howl with laughter!


  1. What were you like as a child?

Quiet and shy!.


  1. How many 5-star reads have you had so far this year?

46/115 were 5-star reads for me!


  1. What’s the first sentence of the book that’s closest to you right now?

“He didn’t run from shit.”


  1. Which 3 questions will you be deleting to add your own in?



  1. What’s your villain that you love to hate?



  1. Ok, you are going to be shipwrecked on an island that has food and water, what three items would you need to have with you?

Selection of books, coffee and my son!


  1. Where you do feel the most at peace?

At home.


  1. What’s your dream job?

Being paid to read books!


  1. What music is currently your favourite?

Really I like everything!.


  1. The three bloggers you are nominating are?

I haven’t nominated but feel free to grab!




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