Goodreads Challenge Update! Halfway through the year……….


Let me just say that my flabber is gasted!

107 books!

I never thought I would have read that many by this point in the year!

I thought back to what I’ve done differently and I have 2 things….

Beat the Backlist Challenge

This is the first year I’ve ever done this and I am SO determined. I think it had spurred me on!

Book plan

At the beginning of the year I started a book planΒ  in my calender and wrote out which book I should read on each day to keep me on schedule, and it worked…..until it didn’t!!! I did have a break for a bit and mood read (I so needed it!) but now I am back on it…….for a bit anyways!

I’m lifting my glass of orange juice toasting for another 107 books so join me in raising your glasses!!!!


How many books have you read so far?

Feel free to link your update posts in comments

17 thoughts on “Goodreads Challenge Update! Halfway through the year……….

  1. Wow, awesome job so far this year. 107 books is amazing.

    I have read 65 books so far this year, with my Goodreads goal currently sitting at 100 books, though most years I end up changing it to at least 120-130.

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      1. That makes sense. In the winter it’s really cold so I just want to curl up with my books, and in the summer it tends to be really hot, so again I just want to curl up with a book.

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  2. Wow…I’m so happy for you Caro, that’s awesome!!😘 Keep up the good work!😁 I’m at 110 books this year so far, tho I agree…I don’t (or more like can’t) read as much in the summer since my boys are home from school!😎

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