I did it! July – December Book Plan!

So I’ve never done this. Hope I haven’t set myself up for failure but I felt I needed to do it!

I wrote a book plan to the end of the year!






In my orderly but in a panic brain I wanted to make sure I could do the challenges I have signed up for this year so this list encompasses my challenges and also read those beautiful new releases coming up (September is going to kill my bank account!) :

  • Beat the Backlist Challenge
  • 20 Books of Summer
  • Throne of Glass Series read


July is a hard month but I’ve written it down day by day in my Fairyloot reading journal. I love it. I confess I slept with it on the first night (note: I didn’t do that intentionally, I  forgot to put it away but it felt so good!)


Have you ever wrote a book plan out this far?

How did it go?

32 thoughts on “I did it! July – December Book Plan!

  1. I’m sometimes a bit of a mood reader, so while I can make loose plans, I can’t do anything like a half-year book plan. But if a book plan works for you, then that’s great. Good luck and happy reading.

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    1. I am also a bit of a mood reader so I hope I can pull this off! I thought I really could pick books off other months as long as I do read them all in the end!


      1. Me too! I saw this post recently where they did the read 5 buy 1 challenge and I thought I might try it! It will be so hard though!!!


      2. I am no good at challenges like that. I saw a recent book haul video by a BookTuber and for every book she hauled she had to unhaul a book. I just…I can’t do that to myself or to my books.

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      3. I choose paperbacks and hardbacks wisely, I don’t have much space and I know if I needed to unhaul one I would probably be in tears 😂


      4. I weed through my shelves about twice a year when they start to look a little unruly, but that’s about it. And I have to prepare myself for the unhaul for a week or so before hand so I don’t panic while deciding which ones to say goodbye to.

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  2. Hahaha… sure it was an ‘accidental’ sleep with the journal. It really is so pretty though.
    I don’t have the full lists for the months so far ahead. But if I have any author requests or blog tours those are noted so I know I have those to read. When I get to the actual month I’ll see what I have listed as priorities and then add other stuff.

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