Review: ETERNITY’S AWAKENING by Anne Malcom


I love this author more than I love cake because she is just one of the most lovely, talented people on the planet!  I beta for her and I devour every word!  And today she has a release!

Its book 3 in a paranormal romance, and it is hot!

Here is the blurb:


Heartbeats had a pesky way of complicating things.

They almost always came with the nasty side effect of humanity and finally… death.

Since Thorne came into my life, I’d been plagued with both.

Heartbeats and humanity.

Both of these things were going to be the death of me.

One way or another.

And the death of everyone I knew and loved, a list growing longer with every beat of my newly repaired—and irritating—heart.

That pesky humanity was almost as toxic as the most debilitating illness on this hunk of rock, killing more humans than any vampire could.


And there I was, attached to a slayer who I couldn’t be undead without.

Friends who I was becoming increasingly attached to.

All things—people—he would take away from me.

Then he’d take me too.

But if it came to that, I’d yank out my beating heart and crush it in my hands before he could touch me.

It was lost anyway. If he won, my eternity would come to an end. As it happened, so would the world.

That only meant I couldn’t lose.



I’m so happy to be back in Isla’s world…..and it’s all going on! And I mean it’s all going on!

The story continues due to the prophecy where the main star is our very own Isla…..and of course the whole gang is back (and I’m totally in love with Conall!)

This had it all. The wit and banter is just immense. There was one part where I actually laughed for ages and I had to pm the author as it really tickled me!

It was also tinged with sadness, regret, love and the best of friendships.

And that ending. 2 shocks dropped. 2. This author knows how to make my heart jump into my mouth!

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