Beat the Backlist Update: May


Here I am with my May update for Beat the Backlist Challenge!

I wanted to read 3 books from my challenge in May and I did it! Well sort of, one was a DNF *hate when that happens*.

Books read

The book I couldn’t finish was Heartless by Marissa Meyer. I just couldn’t get invested in the story.

Total read for May = 2

Total read for April = 7

Total read for March = 6

Total read February = 4

Total read January = 5

DNF = 6

Overall Total Read = 30

Start Point = 48

Left to read = 18

Books to read in June.

I am going to have a break in June. My 2018 tbr is piling up and up so I am going to take June to knock some of these off my list!

I’ve added all my links to the form for May 😁

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