To audible, or not to audible…what do you think?




I took the plunge and joined audible.

I mean it wasn’t really my fault……….

Amazon kept on enticing me with these 90 days free emails and flashing the 3 free credits in my face all the god damn time!

So I cracked. I joined.

I’ve never listened to an audiobook before so I picked up Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley with my free credit, a book I’d already read and dived in.

It was so good! Ideas of how many more places I could listen to books popped into my head, thoughts of how many more books I could read were whirring around my brain!

I was excited!

But then.

I explored Amazon for more. I needed more!


Cue eye popping. The price of audio books in the UK is insane!

£25 for a Sarah J Maas audio

£16 for the 2nd book in the Rock Chick series

£12 for a Victoria Schwab audio.


How do people afford to listen to audio books?

Are there any tips to getting good, cheaper deals?

Help a (poor) girl out!


26 thoughts on “To audible, or not to audible…what do you think?

  1. I love Audible and couldn’t survive my commute back and forth to work without it. But I’m in the United States so the prices may not be as bad. Some of the books on there are expensive, but I usually save my credits for them. I purchase a lot when they have sales.
    Good luck. 💜📖

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  2. They often do member deals such as ‘3 credits for £18’. I tend to save my free credits and just use those unless there’s something good on the daily deal.

    I listen to podcasts mainly (not on Audible), so my audible credits always have time to refill.

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  3. Can you download audiobooks from your local library? I do that through my Overdrive APP. There must be an equivalent to that in the UK? I am a subscriber to which links you to your local independent bookstore so at least they get the money if I do purchase an audio book. They work on the three credit subscription plan also…

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  4. I’ve never listened to an audiobook. I don’t know…I feel like I’d cringe hearing some lines read out loud and I always get very distracted so I won’t be able to keep up. Plus they are really pricey! Libraries usually have audiobooks you can borrow online and in-person. Plus I know that you get the first book for free if you sign up for Audible with affiliate links from some youtubers.

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    1. I nearly fainted when I saw how much they were here! I think I much prefer actually reading a book rather than listening so that coupled with the price means I won’t be doing it often!


  5. I can’t audio as I need to concentrate exclusively on the book and can’t do other things at the same time. Kind of weird then to look into empty space while listening to audio right? 😉

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    1. I must admit that, aside from the huge price, I didn’t love it as much as reading a book so not sure how many I will listen to…..but I guess it’s an option!!


  6. I’m in the US, so I can’t really speak for anywhere else, but Audible has TONS of sales. A lot of my audiobooks I get for $6 through those sales. You can also buy 3 extra credits and it amounts to something like $12 per credit (so $12 audiobooks). And with the Romance Package addition, it’s great for romance readers because that’s unlimited audiobooks for around $7/month.

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  7. The daily deals are the good ones! Then they also have a lot of sales. If you put stuff in your wishlist it will notify you when they go on sale as well. Also, that’s where the credits come in handy because they let you buy the higher priced books for the price of your month subscription. I used to say I wouldn’t use audible either but I’ve been sucked in and have a lot of audiobooks now.

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  8. I have no idea what libraries offer outside the united states. Libraries here have audiobooks/e-audiobooks that can be borrowed through the library. I have a library card for 3 counties. It sounds crazy but each county has their own selection. Anyways, I would see what the local library has to offer. Happy reading and good luck.

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  9. Haha!! I totally downloaded an audible book, got through it went “Hmmm that was OK” I wasn’t wowed but found times it would come in handy. Then looked at the prices almost puked and went back to my trusty kindle. Sod that!

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