The Brit Review: Leading the Witness by Chantal Fernando


It’s no secret that I love this author and will read anything she writes, she is one of my unicorn authors!

I have read the other books in the Conflict of Interest series and this was THE book of the series that I wanted needed!


Hunter Brayze doesn’t always like his clients but as the divorce attorney for Bentley & Channing Law, he doesn’t have to. So when he meets his latest client, even though he can’t stand the guy, let alone understand how any woman would ever marry him, he is still determined to win his case. But he never expects taking this client would turn his entire world upside down.

When he comes face to face with his client’s soon-to-be ex, he’s shocked to see Riley McMahon, owner of his local pub and the woman he’s wanted ever since he first laid eyes on her. He didn’t even know she was getting a divorce, and now he’s stuck defending the man who wants to screw Riley out of everything. Feeling like he’s betraying her, Hunter vows to settle this case as quickly as he can by any means possible. Because after months of flirting with Riley at the pub, and now knowing that she’ll soon be free, Hunter is determined to make her his.

But as the proceedings get messier and secrets are revealed, Hunter’s running out of tricks to keep both parties happy. And when someone sets Riley’s pub on fire, he can’t help but suspect his own client. Torn between his professional code of ethics and his intense connection with Riley, Hunter finds himself at a crossroads wondering whose interests he’ll ultimately protect.


OMG it was good.  Hunter is just irresistible and I fell for him hook, line and sinker in this book!



I have been totally waiting for Riley’s book….I can’t lie. And reading this blurb had my eyes popping out. Yes….give it to me, its exactly what I wanted!

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked……

Hunter is a lawyer and he is a dreamboat! ‘I’m one of a kind, Hunter replies’….oh yes you are Hunter!

Riley owns the pub down the road from his office. There has been a mutual attraction for a while but the only problem was that Riley has been trying to get things settled with her ex husband…..and let’s just say her ex, Jeremy, is piece of work, I wanted to smack him!

Hunter and Riley’s relationship is beautiful and it sings out through the pages….and of course there is drama!

For the record …I love Preston

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