How do you like to read?

My work friend and I were talking about reading and when and how we do it and we are completely different. It got me wondering if she, or me, are in the minority for our reading habits.

For me I need peace and quiet. Reading is my time. So son is in bed, no tv on, relaxing on the sofa or in bed propped up by pillows. It’s how I take in and savour all the words!

My friend can read anywhere. She reads in a queue at the supermarket, stuck in traffic (don’t try that at home kids!) and even at work when she is on the phone to clients.

I’m not sure I’m built to read that way, only getting small snippets. I don’t think it would satisfy me and I worry I wouldn’t take in what I’ve read.

How do you like to read?

23 thoughts on “How do you like to read?

  1. Vey interesting… I’m more like your friend though. I can and do read anywhere I get a chance, and often can only fit in a chapter or two at a time. That said, my preferred reading is all alone snuggled on my couch or in my bed.

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    1. I said to her I was going to try her way….I grabbed a chapter walking up to school on the school run, a chapter when I got up in the morning and also walking into work. It was ok but I didn’t feel like I took it all in…..but was ok!

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  2. I typically need quiet spaces to read. Most often I read at home, curled up in bed or at the bookstore where I spend my lunch breaks. The bookstore is pretty quiet during the time I go, so it works for me. I can’t always read in other public places though. I don’t know how people can read on buses and loud places like that!

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  3. This is such an interesting thing to think about! My favourite place to read is in bed at night but i do tend to read in other places as well like sometimes i read in front of the tv if i want to be reading but not alone (if that makes sense!) and i also like reading on the train on my way to and from uni (which i do listening to music even though i don’t normally listen to music while reading!) and sometimes in the canteen if i have time between lectures 😊😊

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      1. I’m definitely getting a lot better at reading with distractions the more i do it so good luck!!

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