Unboxing: JK Rowling’s Wizarding World (my 1st box)…..

I thought I would try Lootcrate as they had a Harry Potter box (JK Rowlings Wizarding World) and I had a money off coupon!


Theme = The Ties That Bind

Hogwarts house tie

I got Gryffindor and I gave this to my son who loves it!

Rowena Ravenclaws Diadem pin

I love the idea of owning a Horcrux!!! I wanted to pin this to my book sleeve but alas I cannot get the back of the pin off to remove from the cardboard!

Wand book

‘Explore the famous wands of the Wizarding World and the wizards they chose.’

I’m just not sure about this. I mean I’ll have a flick through but it’s not something that really interests me although the finish is excellent.

Black Family Tree Tapestry Scarf

Now this, I love. I’m yet to peruse the actual names on the scarf but I am fascinated with anything Sirius so I really thought this was great.


I ordered this box on 27 December 2017. It actually arrived on 28 February 2018. I did have an email saying it would be late due to a supplier delay but I thought this was a bit excessive.

They also send me an email everyday about their hundreds of other boxes and I’m starting to feel like I’m being spammed (have now unsubscribed!)

Do you get any Lootcrate boxes?

Tell me what you think.

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