CJR The Brit Review: Rough Ride (Chaos MC) by Kristen Ashley


Its true I am an MC Romance lover as well as a YA lover – I love all the genres!

A firm favourite of mine since the series started is the Chaos MC by Kristen Ashley.

She has teamed up with 1001 Dark Nights and bought us Rough Ride – Snapper and Rosalie’s story…

You can purchase here:



Love Chaos!

Poor old Rosalie is beaten black and blue when her ex finds out she has informed on his club. And Chaos ride to the rescue.

Snap has got it bad! But in a fab way

‘Get used to that.


A time in your life where you’ll spend a lot of it laughing.’

Now that’s a man you want, plus it seems he is always right, especially with his choice of Indian food. A naan is never as good microwaved!!!

What the flamin heck was that ending?

How long do I need to wait for the next book?

And more importantly I need an Aloo Gobi!

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