CJR The Brit: Waterstones Harry Potter Event!!

When Waterstones sent the invite for their Harry Potter Event I couldn’t resist taking my little Gryffindor to it (I think I was more excited than him!)

He got dressed up in his robe, tie, grabbed his wand and after an application of eye liner for his scar we were in!

The staff were amazing! They got dressed up and had planned such fun things! We were sorted into Slytherin by the Sorting Hat (much to my son’s disgust but I loved it!)

We got stuck in and made our very own potion with fairywing essence, bat blood and magic stones which resulted in a very sugary potion we named Marshmallious (which turns people into stone you know!)

This was followed by a dragon egg hunt, create your own Patronous and a Defence Against the Dark Arts Quiz (my son got annoyed as I knew more answers than him!!!)

Whilst the Dragon egg hunt was on I got to peruse the Harry Potter shelves! There were 2 whole cabinets and a table full of goodies!

And the best part…….my son won the fancy dress competition and won a Waterstones voucher which he will be putting towards a Wrebbit Knight Bus 3d puzzle!

I just want to say again a HUGE thanks to Waterstones and if you ever get the chance to go to an event then you simply must go!

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