Thought I would get a little discussion going about cliffhangers in books.

Personally I don’t mind a cliffhanger, in fact sometimes I relish it and I don’t need a warning! A life threatening situation, a shocking revelation that changes everything, the failure of a plan.  I love it all!

But not everyone is the same.

My American book buddy won’t read a book with a cliffhanger until all the books in the series are out so she can read one after another.

I have another friend who won’t read them full stop and I remember her full on rage when she got to the end of a 550 page book and there was a cliffy with no warning. She said the author had cheated her and she would never read her again! 


So how about you?

Do you read books straight away where there is a cliffhanger or do you save them up?

Do you need to know there is a cliffy?

Give me all your opinions, good or bad!

14 thoughts on “CJR The Brit Discussion: CLIFFHANGERS IN BOOKS……

  1. I need warning and I have to have at least book two ready to go.
    I pitch a fit when I have no warning about the cliffhanger and then realise I can’t just get the next part soon…. seriously… that’s not cool! πŸ˜‰

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  2. I prefer a warning if there’s a cliffy. I’ll read the book even before the next one is available or if I have to wait, as long as it’s a book/author that I know I’ll enjoy!! Otherwise, I’ll wait until the entire series is out to read it! Good discussion!😍

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  3. I’m with your friend – I just won’t read them and am furious if one turns up with no warning. I think they’re usually just an attempt to make one book into three, to get three doses of profit – cynical maybe, but that’s how I feel… πŸ™‚

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  4. I prefer a warning, as I don’t particularly like cliffhangers. I hate when authors surprise me with them! I’ve read books with cliffhangers, but only if:

    1) I’ve read the author’s work before and I’ve enjoyed it IMMENSELY, and

    2) The next book will be out by the time I’m done reading.

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