CJR The Brit: My Top 5 Auto-Buy Authors


I have seen this being done for Top 5 Tuesday.  I know it isn’t a Tuesday but I wanted to get in on this action!  

My Top 5 Auto-Buy Authors

LJ Shen

What can I say about this woman.  She stole my heart with Vicious (Sinners of Saint #1) but then Trent came in and owned it in Scandalous.  I have read every book she has written and will continue to do so! (I am also on her review team, a spot I covet!)


Sarah J Maas

What more can I say?  ACOTAR, ACOMAF, ACOWAR and soon (well May 2018!) ACOFAS!


Amelia Hutchins

If you like a hot, steamy PNR then this author is right up your alley!  The Fae Chronicles is one of my favourite PNR series of all time.  She releases a book, I’m straight there one-clicking!


Jamie Begley

The Last Riders.  OMG what an MC series. Come the end of January 2018 there will be 10 books in the series and I have devoured every single book at least 3 times each!  Jamie also has a PNR series, The Dark Souls which I so enjoyed.  A defo auto buy author for me.


Aurora Rose Reynolds

When I first read this author in 2014 the book took my breath away.  The Until series is in my re-read collection and has been re-read countless number of times (Nico is mine!).  I stalk her FB page for news of new releases and I pre-order as soon as I see the link!


Who are your auto-buy authors?

Tell me all!

20 thoughts on “CJR The Brit: My Top 5 Auto-Buy Authors

  1. 🙂 I love this post!!! I am so going to do this idea and once completed, I’ll link to you 🙂 But Sarah J. Maas will also appear in my auto buy list – what does ACOFAS stand for? (I mean I know the ACO part, but what’s the next mean?)

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  2. yay another fan of Amelia! I love her books. My auto buy are Amy Harmon, Suanne Laqueur, Emma Scott, Beth Flynn, SJM, Cassie Clare and now Claire Legrand plus… many others 😉

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  3. Kiru Taye – Contemporary Romance, Kink or erotica, this author writes relatable characters and stunning descriptions of Africa we know little about.

    A.C. Melody – Queen of the slow build/anticipation and when she reaches the top, there’s a plot twist waiting to smack you in the face! LOL!

    Ellis Leigh – My favorite PNR author – The Feral Breed and Dire Wolves are must reads!

    Jonathan Kellerman – my suspense fix! LOL!

    Toni Morrison – Need I say more? LOL!

    Fun post! 😉

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    1. You like some and you don’t like others….the way of the world. I didn’t get on with Wonderwoman but most people loved it. I sat there for a while wondering if I was broken but then decided I can’t let it consume me!!! 😁


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