My Christmas….so far!

I didn’t do Blogmas, maybe next year, but I wanted to do something festive here because I am a Christmas nut……so…..


Firstly my tree……be prepared to be amazed at the artfully decorated tree by my 8 year old!

All this was done to Christmas music of course. Shout out to Wham and their Last Christmas song which my son and I murdered whilst decorating!

Then…..and this is very exciting……WE WENT TO THE NORTH POLE AND SAW SANTA!

*disclaimer: it wasn’t the North Pole it was a local garden centre!!!*

My employer has got into the swing of it and put up a HUGE tree (we aren’t allowed to post pics though 😐) and they are running a reverse advent calender. We bring in items of food to be donated to a food bank and each day each person who has donated could be in with a chance to open a door of the advent calender. AND I WON A MINI YANKEE CANDLE!Β Smells divine!

I have made plans to spend time with my family and friends over the festive period. I’ve made my donation of cat and dog food to the local shelter. I’m done Christmas shopping and have just finished wrapping it. I have bought enough meat for a small village for Christmas day and I have a cupboard filled with snacks.

So I’m ready.
Bring it on!

I love seeing Christmas decs so show me yours!

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