Question post – what irks me in a book!



Does it annoy you when words in a book are wrong? Like a mis-worded word <— I don’t know if I am even doing it now!!!

Maybe its a country to country thing?

I’m English so maybe we have different words for things and I’m not talking about slang either.

I was reading a book by a beloved author of mine and I stopped short when I read this 1 word and then I found myself stuttering over the next few pages trying to forget what I had just read.

It’s this simple….it said card sharp. To me it’s a card shark.

Just that 1 word put my brain into overdrive and I couldn’t stop thinking about it!!


Have you ever come across words like this in a book?

Tell me all (so I can obsess about those too!!!)

20 thoughts on “Question post – what irks me in a book!

  1. I can’t exactly think of a particular word but what irks me when I’m reading is when I come across words that are in the wrong tense!!! Like the past instead of imperfect. It could just be the linguist in me but, like… really? How hard is it to distinguish between past present and future?!?!? lol

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  2. I know what you mean! It turns me off when I read words in the wrong tense, and words incorrectly spelled in a novel. Another thing that really irks me: when a particular plot is advertised in the blurb, but never appears in the story line. It’s frustrating!!!

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  3. I know, it irks me when i see grammatical errors in my books, but it doesn’t irk me so much if it’s like one or two, if it’s more then i have a hard time getting into the story.


  4. It depends because I read a lot of ARCs (you do to, I’m sure!) so I try to be more forgiving if I’m reading an unedited ARC as opposed to a book that I’ve bought. If I’ve bought it then yeah, it DEFINITELY irks me! Sometimes, I have to change the actual word in my mind because I just can’t read it WRONG…LOL!!😁😁

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  5. Ahh yes this has happened to me- I remember one book had particular trouble with one word (I can’t for the life of me remember what that was now) but they kept making the same mistake over and over, even though they sometimes did get it right. It definitely gets on my nerves too!

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