CJR The Brit Review: El Santo by M Robinson

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I don’t know if any of you have read El Diablo by M Robinson but if you love a dark book with a totally hot guy in it, then you need to!  Then you need to follow it up with El Santo.  It was so good!  I did read the 2 MC books that intertwine with this but both the ‘El’ books were the hits for me.

Here is a bit about El Santo:

I didn’t know darkness and evil lurked inside me until I had to murder in order to survive. Forced to become my own worst enemy. With so much blood on my hands, I was surprised I could still see my own skin.
I killed.
I tortured.
I loved…
I played God while I was rotting in Hell. Thriving on control and power was the only way I knew how to live. There were no other options.
If you weren’t my friend, you were my foe.
If you weren’t with me, you were against me.
Traitors, as I called them. There were no imaginary lines. I’d crossed them all. No boundaries. No second chances. No redemption.
Not for me.
For them.
For anyone.
Only for her…
She loved me. Always convinced I was a saint, never believing I was just another sinner.
A fucking monster.

Until it was too late.

Except, I didn’t choose this life. It. Chose. Me.



Ok so the prologue. The prologue. OMG the prologue. Damien. I already love you.

‘I’m not looking for redemption.

I’m not looking for your forgiveness.

I dare you to try to love me.

Don’t say, I didn’t warn you.’

Damien is a true monster…with a soft spot that goes by the name of Amira in the form of a little girl.

‘I may have saved her life.

But she kept me alive.’

The tension! I thought I knew what was happening, could see it all unraveling. Then I was flipping pages like a mad woman! I had a knot in my stomach, my heart was going 90 to the dozen….oh my gawd.

By the end did I love Damien, did I heed his warning? We shall see in book 2.

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