CJR The Brit: Series Review. Gravity series (YA PNR) by AB Bloom


I was lucky enough to be offered all 3 books of this YA paranormal series to read and review so I jumped at the chance!

The series is all about 16 year old Bronte who has got major health issues and lives in a world that is crumbling.  That is until a mysterious boy enters her life….and all is slowly revealed!

There are 3 books in the series:

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My mini reviews: 

Gravity #1

A war is brewing and it seems sickly Bron is the key.

This has all the components I love in a fantasy book, the intrigue, the romance, the suspense. And this was on a theme that I hadn’t read, love an original idea.

The pace was just right and the twist at the end was something I didn’t see coming. That ending though!

My only complaint was the language used. Was it English. Was it American? It was
interspersed and in some parts it really pulled my attention away from the story.

This was a quick, enjoyable, easy read and I am on to book 2!


Velocity #2

So from book 1 we know that Bron is a *taken out – spoiler!* with an impossible decision to make.

Bron has no memories, her and Nick are lost to each other. But their connection cannot separate them for long.

The memories and a love that spans lives and time grabbed my heart and squeezed. Beautiful.

Although we didn’t get many answers from this book we sure got another twist at the end!


Infinity #3

The conclusion.

Thats the thing about those. The end. I didn’t want it to end! I have been captivated by this series and I don’t want to let go!

Bron stepped into the void and finds herself somewhere and goes on a trip of a lifetime, well several! She needs her answers and so did I! And we get them!

I gobbled this up like it was my favourite Sunday dinner! The end . Nooooo!

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