CJR The Brit: Blog shake up discussion!

I never thought I would be putting so much thought into my blog! I just love it. 

With that in mind, I was thinking about doing a blog shake up. Just a mini one, let’s not get too carried away!

Why wait till the New Year? I’ve started!

Firstly I decided not to change my theme (my brain can’t handle that!)

But I did change my background, changed fonts, changed the sidebar and created some new blog graphics.

Then the planning:

  • Out with monthly wrap ups,
  • Jazzed up weekly wraps ups,
  • Brainstormed some ideas for new blog posts (need to put these in practice),
  • Decided to do more review posts,
  • Created a review page on my blog (that’s going to be work!),
  • Got a blog planner (paper as I am old skool!), 
  • Need to plan blog posts.

I am so excited about all this!

My next step I guess is research and making sure I plan properly.

Which leads me on to….questions!

  • What do you want to see in blog posts?
  • What makes you want to read a post?
  • What puts you off a post?
  • How excited do you get in planning your posts? <—please tell me I’m not alone!

8 thoughts on “CJR The Brit: Blog shake up discussion!

  1. Yay! I’m not alone! I am obsessive about my blog, I have a diary where I plan my blog posts, when I read books, when I review books, when I take blog breaks, it’s like a bloody job! My husband thinks I take it far too seriously I think I’m just being organised. I love that you are changing things up. I think it’s good for us to do that sometimes. Last time I did that I introduced my “The Bookshelf” posts and they are now my most popular posts so it helps to do something a bit different sometimes.

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    1. I have been researching and got some new ideas but I am back to work next week so need to plan on my day off…but am so excited about it!

      Snap! I have a day planner where I write down what books to read on certain days and when to do posts etc!

      I’ve planned November and December posts and I am practically giddy with excitement πŸ˜‚


  2. I myself have changed my blog a little. Now I am also posting quotes that I love. I love doing different things as I get bored with the same stuff and routine easily. I love your blog shake up. Best of luck for that.

    I make a to-do-list in my cell phone about the blog posts as I carry my cell phone everywhere I go so I can work on my next blog post anywhere.

    Redundancy and any kind of repetition puts me off while reading a blog. There always should be more than 1 thing on a blog like besides review you can do tags as well or listicles are also cool.

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  3. Well I love writing collaborative posts like I’ve done with Talia for 3 weeks now on USA or with Birdie on our Mini Me (Girl talk). Discussions are important as reading, reviewing, blogging is serious stuff LOL I try to plan but I’m not always successful. And reviews of course that’s why I began blogging πŸ˜‰ Thanks for shaking it up! Good luck.

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