Discussion: weekly and monthly wrap ups….a chore to read or a great glimpse into people’s week?

Monthly and weekly wrap ups.
I spend a lot of time putting these together (especially the monthly if I have read a lot of books) but does anyone read them?

I love the idea of them. 

I love reading and commenting on other people’s. Showcasing what I have read that week/month. But is both overkill?

I looked back at my stats and comments are declining. I thought maybe it’s how I present them but I haven’t changed format since I started them. Maybe it’s the genre I read (mind you I read across genres so there is a bit of everything).

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting rid of the monthly post so I may trial this out in November. I guess that in the last week of the month I could do a monthly sum up and link the posts from the previous weeks in.

But part of me loves that monthly wrap up.

I’m so torn.

  • What do you all think? 
  • Do you read wrap ups? 
  • Do you do wrap up posts yourself?
  • Do people interact on them?
  • How do you like them presented?
  • How many books are too many for you to lose interest?

10 thoughts on “Discussion: weekly and monthly wrap ups….a chore to read or a great glimpse into people’s week?

    1. I am finding it hard with time at the moment so I may just re-jig what I do with my weekly posts. I suppose I could do a sum up monthly post and add on the best books. I’m toying with a few ideas in my head!


  1. I only do monthly wrap-ups. I mention all the books I read and a little sentence of my thoughts about each. There’s a section for the most recent book I added to Goodreads, what I have coming up for review and a little about my life off the page. I don’t get much interaction with them at all but I like doing them. I do like reading other peoples but I don’t see them often. It a post that I could probably stop doing and no one would mind but I guess I do it for myself as much as anyone else?

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    1. I also love doing them but they do take me ages to do. I’m going to do a trial in November and just do weekly. A trial for me and time and also a small peek at the stats as I promised myself I wouldn’t be ruled by them…..i want to post what I want, when I want. Thanks for your comment ❤

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