#CJRreview  Loving Storm by Carian Cole

If you have ever read Storm (Ashes and Embers #1) then I know you would have fallen in love with Storm. I did. So when my ears picked up rumours of a follow up novella I was all over that!

If you haven’t checked out this authors books then you really should.


I met him in a snow storm…

We spent forty-eight hours trapped in the back of his pickup truck.

We fought.

We touched.

We fell.



She literally crashed into my life…

The last thing I wanted was a relationship. Especially with a quirky chick who drove me insane. But something about her got under my skin, and into my heart.

And I had to have her.

All of her.


Falling in love in the back of a truck, just the two of us, was easy.

Dealing with psycho fans, jealous exes, and demons from the past….not so easy.

Amazon → http://amzn.to/2xkGW42

‘This is what life is like, loving and being loved by Storm.’

Here we get a follow up novella to catch a glimpse into what life is like for Evie and Storm since they got together and them gearing up for their wedding.

Storm is still THE dream man and the love for his Evie is beautiful…’Evie didn’t fill a void; she made a place in my life that never would have existed without her.’

Life for them isn’t without ups and downs, nerves and worries but this was just sublime.

Fans of Ashes and Embers need to read this.

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