#CJRundiscovered The Next Generation by SC Stephens (YA PNR)

the next gen 0 day.png

SC Stephens has a new book out, and a paranormal! 

I haven’t read books 1 to 3 but apparently this can be read as a new series.  Its the next generation from the earlier books!



By S.C. Stephens

Fitting in can be hard for anyone. But for Julian and Nika Adams, it’s especially challenging. Born as partial vampires, a rare offshoot of pureblood vampires, the twins have had to deceive people their entire lives—distancing themselves from their peers.

Nika desperately wants a hero, a soulmate, someone she can trust with every fibre of her soul—someone as amazing as her father. The boys at her high school aren’t impressing, but luckily for Nika, Hunter Evans has moved into the neighborhood.

Julian desperately wishes he could sever the empathic bond he has with his sister. While it was fun to experience each other’s emotions when they were kids, now that Julian finds himself pining for a girl he can’t have, sharing his feelings is the last thing he wants to do.

Amazon – http://amzn.to/2xfNamm

Kobo – http://bit.ly/2vOCTRg




 Have you read any of these?  Let me know your thoughts!

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